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Cutting Back to Get Ahead – Finding cheaper auto insurance

How I saved money by finding cheap auto insurance

This is a story of when I was a student, long before I decided to become an insurance agent. I wish I knew then what I know now!

I really wanted to go back to school but wasn’t sure how I was going to afford it. Taking out loans was inevitable, really, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to have any money to live on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to work full time anymore and cutting back my hours was really going to hurt my bank account.

When I started looking at my expenses, I was really discouraged because I didn’t immediately see where I could cut back. I’d have to keep my apartment. The rent was reasonable and the cost of moving would be too much to handle right when I was starting school. My car was paid off so there was nothing I could do there.

I stopped using the air conditioner at night and made sure I turned off all the lights that didn’t need to be on. I figured that, in the winter, I could cut down on the heating bill by lowering the thermostat and wearing extra clothes. I actually don’t mind being cold and snuggled up in blankets so that was no big deal.

Still, it wasn’t enough. I dug a little deeper. One place where I could cut back was on my cell phone data plan. I had to have wireless internet at home because I knew I’d need it for school work so I just made sure to always use my smartphone when it was attached to my wifi. I tried not to use any data unless it was completely necessary.

Another thing I asked myself was, who has the cheapest auto insurance? My car was old and I’d paid it off already. Did I really need full coverage auto insurance? Should I be staying with the same insurance company I’ve had for years? Or was it worth shopping around?

I ended up canceling my cable and signed up for a streaming service. It was definitely worth what I saved. I also started using coupons and never went out to eat or ordered take out. Well, that’s not exactly true, I treated myself to take out after every exam as a way to celebrate and relax after a week of non-stop studying. Usually binge watching a new show I’d gotten myself addicted to. I also changed from full coverage auto insurance to some very cheap car insurance with no deposit. Switching to some cheap no deposit car insurance instantly saved me $400 dollars a year, no bad!

In the end, I did it. I’ve managed to survive without using my credit cards once. I’m pretty proud of myself.