Month: September 2017

Leaving Electrical Work To The Professionals

I’ve never done any kind of DIY, I’ve never worked any kind of labouring or tradesmen job and I have no idea what to do if literally anything broke in my home. I have no clue how anything in my home works or how it’s put together or how I’d go about putting it back together if it were to break. I’ve always relied on the skills of other when it comes to that kind of thing. Why not? They’re experts at the stuff and I’m not. Why not let them deal with it?

After moving in to my new home, I started encountering problems. Problems with the plumbing and problems with the electronics. The toilet kept clogging and my showers kept going freezing cold so I called in a plumber to sort it out for me. As I already stated, I literally wouldn’t even know where to start.

The plumber fixed all my plumbing problems but informed me that due to a water leak, I would also have to have an electrician come in and remedy that too. He even asked me if I knew how to do it myself, in which I replied with a hearty bout of laughter.

Now, I’m sure that if I put in the hours to learn all that kind of stuff, I would be able to pick it up. I’m not mentally inept or incapable, I just don’t want to do it when I can pay someone else.

I hired a Tulsa electrician, and he came over and took care of everything in one single afternoon. They have the skills and expertise and countless hours of experience. They can probably do the job without even thinking about it.

It’s a good thing to know your way around a toolbox and to have the knowledge to deal with these things yourself when they come up. People that can do household work must save themselves thousands over the course of their last time. But I just don’t care. I’ll leave all the stuff to the experts, for a small fee, and enjoy my relaxation time whilst they do so.

Cutting Back to Get Ahead – Finding cheaper auto insurance

How I saved money by finding cheap auto insurance

This is a story of when I was a student, long before I decided to become an insurance agent. I wish I knew then what I know now!

I really wanted to go back to school but wasn’t sure how I was going to afford it. Taking out loans was inevitable, really, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to have any money to live on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to work full time anymore and cutting back my hours was really going to hurt my bank account.

When I started looking at my expenses, I was really discouraged because I didn’t immediately see where I could cut back. I’d have to keep my apartment. The rent was reasonable and the cost of moving would be too much to handle right when I was starting school. My car was paid off so there was nothing I could do there.

I stopped using the air conditioner at night and made sure I turned off all the lights that didn’t need to be on. I figured that, in the winter, I could cut down on the heating bill by lowering the thermostat and wearing extra clothes. I actually don’t mind being cold and snuggled up in blankets so that was no big deal.

Still, it wasn’t enough. I dug a little deeper. One place where I could cut back was on my cell phone data plan. I had to have wireless internet at home because I knew I’d need it for school work so I just made sure to always use my smartphone when it was attached to my wifi. I tried not to use any data unless it was completely necessary.

Another thing I asked myself was, who has the cheapest auto insurance? My car was old and I’d paid it off already. Did I really need full coverage auto insurance? Should I be staying with the same insurance company I’ve had for years? Or was it worth shopping around?

I ended up canceling my cable and signed up for a streaming service. It was definitely worth what I saved. I also started using coupons and never went out to eat or ordered take out. Well, that’s not exactly true, I treated myself to take out after every exam as a way to celebrate and relax after a week of non-stop studying. Usually binge watching a new show I’d gotten myself addicted to. I also changed from full coverage auto insurance to some very cheap car insurance with no deposit. Switching to some cheap no deposit car insurance instantly saved me $400 dollars a year, no bad!

In the end, I did it. I’ve managed to survive without using my credit cards once. I’m pretty proud of myself.

California Insurance Agent

Hello, my name is Murphy and I like in California. San Jose to be precise. I’m and insurance agent specializing mostly in auto insurance in California, but also health insurance. If you’re looking for auto insurance in california I’m your guy!

I created this blog to share insurance tips with people. Like how to save on auto insurance, and make sure your agent is giving you the best deal. I worked with lot’s of other agents and I’m sorry to say many are not giving their clients the best deal they could get.

Since unfortunately this job is commission based, agents do not always have your best interests in mind.

That’s why I decided to create this blog to share advice!

I hope you find my content useful; if you do please share it!